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You're in my cross-hairs.
Better run.

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Sebastian A. "Basher" Moran.
gun for hire | 40
Rifles and tigers and beards, oh my. Y'know how it is. A selfish dick who defines himself by what he kills.

L U C E N T   I N   T E N E B R I S.
m!a: basher's kitten, kali, is missing!
tracking: sniperwithasmoke.


How did you stay so strong?

Why do I second guess your wonder?
Why do I crave you with a hunger?
How did you manage to forgive?

                                                  Did you just want to feel
                                                 the love for you was real?
                                                Is that all you were asking for
                                               nothing less or more? (x)

I like s e x and violence -
Sometimes one or the other.
But mostly together.

sniper-with-a-smoke: [text]: You busy? -SM ((basher and I miss you two))




[text]: Right now? No. I was just heading out to buy some fags. Why? FM

[text]: Mostly I just hoard them in my flat. -SM

[text]: And you’re the only cousin, so.. -SM

[text]: Also, I’d like to state that, clearly, it’s me that’s favourite. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a pack of smokes and, y’know, you.. on their way here, would I? -SM

[text] You’re going to turn into one of those hoarders on the telly. Only it will just be cigarettes. And probably porn cos you’re gross. FM

[text] Just because I’m the only one you have doesnt mean I cant be the best. FM

[text] I’m starting to seriously consider not giving you these cigs if you’re going to keep pretending I’m anything less than the most amazing person you know. Because come on, its me. FM

[text]: All my porn is on my laptop, thanks. -SM

[text]: Fine, fine. You’re the single best person I’ve ever had the privilege to know. -SM

[text]: Now. Hurry, yeah? I haven’t had a smoke in a day and a half and I’m almost positive it’s killing me. -SM


Jarvis smiled wickedly, touching his fingertip to the man’s lips and running it down over his stubbled chin. “Got you all tongue-tied. Or are you just too drunk to articulate?” He leaned closer. “You smell like whiskey and bad decisions. My favourite.” 

“ Bit a’ both, I reckon, ” he mumbles, half under his breath. Clearing his throat and blinking hard, Seb brings a hand up to wrap around Jarvis’ wrist — partly to steady himself (not that the other would probably manage much if Seb just fell over then and there) and partly to remind himself that there was, in fact, an actual person in front of him. 

“ — so, where’re we headed, again? ”





"Apologising — I think…"



“ ‘nless you’d rather I — ” he takes half a step back, pointing over his shoulder to indicate all she’d have to do was say the word and he’d leave.










   ❝By all means, move at a glacial pace.
            ——You know how that t h r i l l s me.

“ — who died and made you king of foot traffic, mate? ”

Anonymous: k sebastian talk about the time where you honestly feared for your life for the first time

[ — for the first time? Who says it’s ever been more than just the once? His hand moved up of its own accord to trace his tiger scars through his worn t-shirt. ]

Easy, mate. Was just about ten years ago, I reckon — after my, eh, after the army gave me th’ boot. I was feeling more reckless than usual, which is saying something, and I thought it would be.. fun? Fuck, who knows, but I went on a solo trip to India, all the same. [ Hadn’t been since my best mate passed.

To be fair, I hadn’t planned on going out on a hunt for a rumoured man-eating tiger hardly a day after landing.. but, c’mon.. who could honestly pass up a fucking thrill like that?

— So I take m’ rifle and buy a handgun off a pair of blokes trying to talk me outta this “suicide mission” — their words, mind you — and spent a bloody week in the jungle. I was well sober and running out of nicotine fast after five days, and bored outta my fucking mind ‘cause I’d only managed to nick enough small game t’ keep me from starving to bloody death when I’d decided the locals deserved whatever th’ fuck was preying on ‘em as I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of anything halfway monstrous as they’d claimed.

As luck would have it, though, my leaving was what she’d been waiting for, or.. well, maybe not, but I heard her stalking me as I’d been picking my way back t’ somewhat of civilisation. 

— And fucking hell, was she beautiful. Big for a female, sure, but then, she was an alleged man-eater. — Blood stained her muzzle.. [ he sighs in wistful remembrance of the beast. ] 

Right, so, I line her up in my scope, yeah? But the temptation’s just too much, you understand, and I just.. well, I’d’ve hated m’self if I didn’t catch a solid look of her slinking around the tree she’d been using for coverage… 

Bitch well and proper came at me then and I nearly didn’t get a shot off, let alone two, but she went down and I.. I couldn’t just leave her there. Not after a whole fucking week of chasing this one near fleeting rush of adrenaline. So I went up t’ her fallen body and gave her a kick for good measure.

— Stupid mistake, really. I mean, obviously worth it an’ all.. but so fucking stupid. [ another sigh ] Turns out the two shots in her had just sort of.. shocked her? Or some shit, and so she was perfectly fine to just pounce at me, knocking my rifle away with one swipe and with the other.. [ a wince, then, overtakes him and his hand clutches at the fabric of his shirt before falling to his side. ] Then, it was a race to get that damned handgun off my belt but I did, and I emptied the clip into her chest and.. fuck. I don’t know that I’d ever feared for anything before or, hell, since. Not like that.




    ♞      "I think you dropped your
keys or something.”

[ and so he had. huh. he stoops to pick them up, eyes narrowing at the broken clasp that had been keeping them attached to his belt loop ]

Bloody piece of crap, this was — cheers, mate. 

                                                           R e m e m b e r i n g .
                                                              F o r g e t t i n g .
                                                    I’m not sure which is worse.

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