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You're in my cross-hairs.
Better run.

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Sebastian A. "Basher" Moran.
gun for hire | 40
Rifles and tigers and beards, oh my. Y'know how it is. A selfish dick who defines himself by what he kills.

L U C E N T   I N   T E N E B R I S.
m!a: basher's kitten, kali, is missing!
tracking: sniperwithasmoke.

[unsent] Come home. -SM

[unsent] Wher are yuo? -sm

[unsent] stratedd dirnking. -sM

[unsent] Fcuk yuou jmm -Sm

[unsent] cme hom n sptop me. -sm

[unsent] Ran outta alcohol. -SM

[unsent] Fuck you, you stupid fucking bastard. -SM

[unsent] sbeen a yre. msiss yuou. cme hmoe. -sm

[unsent] You have to be alive.. you have to. -SM

[unsent] Two years, Jim. Two fucking years. -SM

[unsent] Please come home? -SM

[unsent] Jim, I-

[unsent] If it wasn’t for Watson’s blog, I think I’d’ve forgotten what you sound like. -SM

[unsent] S’been three years… I-

[unsent] I can’t-

[unsent] Are you fucking kidding me? What the fucking hell d’you mean you’re ‘back’. do you have any fucking clue-

[unsent] if you walk through that door, i’ll shoot you. -SM

[unsent] I fucking hate you. -SM

[unsent] I think I lo-

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