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You're in my cross-hairs.
Better run.

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Sebastian A. "Basher" Moran.
gun for hire | 40
Rifles and tigers and beards, oh my. Y'know how it is. A selfish dick who defines himself by what he kills.

L U C E N T   I N   T E N E B R I S.
m!a: basher's kitten, kali, is missing!
tracking: sniperwithasmoke.

Fuck it.

John’s voice was ragged and cracked on the other end of the line. He really hadn’t a clue who he was calling, his screen was cracked to all hell and back. He knew he shouldn’t have purchased this stupid, bloody, smartphone. Through pain addled syllables he managed to communicate, but just barely.

"H…Hello? Ah… Th… This is J-John… ah… shit…" John pressed a hand against he forehead, blood spilling downward.

Seb scratched his head, looking around the busy street with narrowed eyes as if trying to locate the man on the other line. He pulled the phone away from his ear for a moment to check the ID again and the signal, though if he were honest with himself, he knew what an injured person sounded like.. but it didn’t hurt to be sure it wasn’t just the shitty technology.

"Sorry, mate. You’re gonna have t’ be a bit more specific. ‘M not sure I know a John."