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You're in my cross-hairs.
Better run.

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Sebastian A. "Basher" Moran.
gun for hire | 40
Rifles and tigers and beards, oh my. Y'know how it is. A selfish dick who defines himself by what he kills.

L U C E N T   I N   T E N E B R I S.
m!a: basher's kitten, kali, is missing!
tracking: sniperwithasmoke.

Finally my flails:

which are under the cut because there’s a lot. In the order received-ish. Be warned, this is a list of perfect people, but it is in no way complete, it’s just the names that i got in my inbox and i don’t even know if they make sense.. so yeah.

  • moran-sm
i seriously don’t even know what to write about amelia. she’s just the best and i love her moran and seb likes her moran and i just.. can’t get over all the almost moranmoran that happens all the time and just.. ugh. she’s amazing.
  • hipstermoriarty
So I have this problem where I just go on liking lurker sprees, and I feel like you probably get all these notifications about ‘sniper-with-a-smoke liked blah blah’ and you’re probably like jesus fuck this chick what even. But I like your shit so.. *shrug* and we should absolutely have chats.
  • blackeyedbasher
val is fantastic. legit. her moran is perfect. seriously seriously perfect. i have been stalking her moran on and off since i started. and she’s interested in moranmoran and you don’t know how much that actually makes me flail in real life, like whoa. so. much. flailing. forever.
also, i’ve just decided that all us morans shoud do a massive cosplay on tinychat or something. it’d be fun.
  • captainjhw
skye is just… perfect. her character is perfect and she is perfect at writing and yeah. that’s that.
  • napoleongonewrong (got you twice ty)
alright listen up. if you don’t follow ty, get your butt there now. i’ll wait. this bitch is fantastic at writing and i consider her to be one of my really good friends. i love staying up late and just chatting with her and reading her stuff before she posts it and having her read my shit because if she thinks it’s good then it must be. she is smart and awesome and i love her forever the end.
  • outlawjem / a-good-old-fashioned-villain
zoe is completely awesome at her characters and i love reading her rps with emily and everything. 
  • internofthegovernment
i love britt. i watch her all up and down my dash like a stalker, though i do follow three of her blogs, so it’s understandable. i want seb and mycroft to interact more. then i can flail like a loser over shenanigans they get up to.
  • tigersniper
will is my husband. also, i love everything will writes forever and i flail everytime he’s in my inbox even though it’s mostly ooc stuff but i don’t even care because he’s awesome.
  • copingwithboredom
i love jay and will and jay being awesome and jay and nessa talking about jim and i want to play with jay but i don’t even know how to start because jay is awesome.
  • anteangeolai *returns facetouch in super creepy manner while giggling*
i just want to keep you in my pocket. can i do that? is that allowed? i love you both and seb + bran = freckle ‘splosion and it’s great.
  • marksmanmoran
if you don’t know how seb and i feel about bastian and bee then you’re either new or blind. i love bee ok? and bastian. and seb does too. and i cannot wait for the summer when we meet her in rl.
  • notyouraveragesecretary
sarah. sarah is perfect. sarah gives me so many frakking sebthea feels i can’t even.
  • lacedwithsemtex
dee gives me feels about lots of things. namely the baby thread. she is a great jim and sometimes i feel bad that seb is is so standoffish with her jim.
  • wearing-westwood
nessa, listen nessa, i’ve got something to confess, a reason why, well, why i flail about you forever. it’s your writing. you are literally a perfect jim. and i know i’ve told you how much i flail over your drabbles and stuff. because they’re the best.
  • sniper-smoran
jj is hilarious and awesome and there are just so many perfect sebastians I don’t know why you guys all follow me. but seriously, i can’t keep up with how funny jj is. also, she’s awesome at drawing and shit. like really.
  • consultingkingjames

you. i don’t know your name yet, but i love you and your jim and ahhh when you attacked me with those reichenfeels.. you are a perfect human being.

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